Open source fonts, collections and foundries

It's common to just pick the most popular font from Google Fonts when working on a new project. It's easy, the collection is vast and you know the font is ok to use in what ever way you wish.

But in the last couple of years more and more sites has started to collect and list open source fonts and make them available for download. It's obviously not the same number of fonts but they are usually of high quality and very unique. This will definitely help your project stand out.

I have collected a few of these sites and made them avaiable to you in this list. You're welcome.

Websites curating open source fonts

Next time you're out looking for a new free font for a new brand identity or website — pick someting a little bit more exciting than Open Sans or Poppins from Google Fonts.

Vincent Lejtzén

Published by Vincent Lejtzén