• Next.js

    Was adding some content to my Gridsome site the other day and the build stopped working :(. I have been building a few projects with Next.js during the last year and today I felt like it was time to do the switch.

  • Redesign

    Been working on this redesign for a while and today I felt like: Let's go! I can't sit on this anymore. Enjoy!

  • Move to Vercel

    Moved hosting from Netlify to Vercel.

  • Initial release

    I've had this domain for quite some time now. Not that I recall buying it but according to Whois data lejtzendesign.se was registered 2014-08-11. Back then I believe it was a Wordpress site but I'm not sure.

    Sometime around 2018 I made this site into a static generated site with Gridsome. First I was uploading the build files to my FTP and it was not until end of october 2019 I found out about Netlify. Wow - that really made deployments easy.

    Anyway ... since I don't recall anything before the first commit to this repository that date will count as the initial release. 2019-10-06.